Afraz Entessari




This project is result of my curiosity about origins of human creativity and language. In order to pursue it, within time I tried to explore clear questions about origins. divide them into smaller but direct questions, though result of the exploration had no answer, but 'experience'. In my artistic approach to explore these questions, I focus and rely on experience. What bodily or mental (visionary) experiences could have lead human to syntactic utterance and creation. What prospect hey hold in them for futuristic innovation of today's modern societies.
In the hand series, I travel within journey of human evolution with connotation to animism. From first made tools to cave paintings up to modern digital age, with technologically advanced gadgets. Considering hands as they are depicted and symbols in different cultures and philosophies they are not just tools that we interact within world around but they are portals to deepest inner realms, that can directly affect brain's neural structures. They manifest our inner worlds to the world which surrounds us. It is connection point between animal, human and alien. Presentation of this serie is more about action and presence rather than the result. This series of works can acquire mediums from installation-painting, prints, to performance and in its essence site-specific. Materials, colors and set in use says tales between life and death. Redness of blood, pain, suffering and flow of life. Ash speaks of death and nurture and ancestors. In modern era, especially in internet and digital age human societies are struggling with ideas of privacy, anonymity and identity. Being anonymous is safety and at same time could be curse. Works which depict finger prints are a trip between our mental, human and animal identity. They confront personality with identity. The brute fact of being coded by nature with such a delicacy and uniqueness. Though individuality in cosmic measure is out of context but seems nature greatly emphasize it. Materials used in addition to those mentioned above, like gold and copper, soil and water are mainly two categories, essentials of life and essentials of technology.