Afraz Entessari




Text Based
What can we understand or perceive without language? What can we perceive and comprehend beyond language? Language defines. Language codes the experience. In its verbal form is an utterance. Its praxis dominates the environment of the act rather than poesies. The version of the world which we comprehend, interpretation of phenomena around us all are filtered through our language system. To extent which most of the time we are dealing with lingual and cultural model of the world/reality. Language describes itself, language builds itself. In order to improve and go beyond these limits, after dissolution of boundaries we need new approach. To retool our language that it can contain phenomenas which are never considered. Or could not been considered with conventional methods. In its act; the act of speech or written representation there is commonality between languages and codecs that humans use. Even if people of another era or culture cannot understand the meaning they can detect that there is sort of coding therefore, communication (intentional marking) and presence of intelligent specie. There are similarities and differences between artwork (making art) and language (act of speech.) in their similarity they both say ‘I am … I speak … I act …’. Language as how powerful it is; it can be misleading. Use of language, in verbal or written form or connatative in some works is a process that I assign as ‘art thinking’. They are created with touch of absurd humor and illogic approach to universal conceptions. I want to dissolve boundaries and take off limits of language, culture, or imagination. Presentation of my text works mainly are in relation of space and context of show. I will assign form to chosen work considering space.

Reality project