Afraz Entessari




Tiny Black Box
Is a performance inspired by Butoh, in collaboration with Lieke Verheul. I executed the framework. The elements/objects and probes used in the space that each stands as an independent work but all together are creating the stage. In that period, I was concerned and studying excessive and obsessive use of cubical forms in human made structures. I came up with series of works in relation to this topic, taking into account that our very first hand private space ‘room’ also mostly follows same structural routine.

“Everybody has a room about inside them.” Franz Kafka

Inspired by use of phrases such as “black box” we proceed the work. Tiny Black Box aims to represent very primitive, unconscious, often suppressed and hidden instinct of human species affected by structures of modern systems, in their architectural or infrastructural build or cultural frames, in other words human's new path of evolution, highly directed by technological elements. Objects and space distorted and brought out of their normal functionality, they represent and emphasize non-ordinary state of the mental and intuitive dimensiona.