Afraz Entessari




From childhood, I had a great fascination for mystery. In that period space science and wildlife was a source of awe. Becoming an astronaut was my childhood fantasy. Now I can phrase it as, the void-like dimension that astronauts enter stuck to my mind. As I grew older, music, film, cultural productions and art grabbed my attention. Creativity and experiencing creative solutions and productions would fulfill my thirst for mystery. I became familiar with fine arts after I got acquainted with music, literature and cinema. Most of my inspiration comes from science, philosophy, poetry, performing arts, etc. My thought process and my inspiration involve topics such as philosophy of science, consciousness, human evolution, language and experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Digging through them and looking for the origins of the phenomena mentioned above, is my main motivation to research, study and create. In the process of brainstorming and making I let intuition play with knowledge. To break conventions of thought and knowledge. To open new modes for experiencing. I don’t want to state anything, nothing is absolute. I like to withdraw questions and leave these questions unanswered. In other words, to question the unanswerable. The process of making and thinking an artwork is a path which leads me to the potential questions. The artworks happen to me because there is something which cannot be answered. It is great motivation to dig into unknown and unknowable. In other words, what goes beyond limits of human comprehension triggers me to search. It triggers my curiosity. Thus, as my obsession to constantly question ‘reality’ and its concept, to show that always there could be something else, an extra layer and to considering that everything within boundary of knowledge could be wrong, I propose a question to confront assumed reality. By exploiting concepts such as ‘reality’, ‘infinity’, ‘nothing'. In my thought and making process I break semantics of thought. Mentioned words are sensitive concepts. They are approached in different ways in a variety of sciences or studies. What is infinite? What is nothing? Can they exist? I don’t think they are quantities (or even qualities), they are not subject of physics, mathematics or philosophy, but of human experience, feelings. They are representations of the unspeakable, of what cannot be explained. They are rare experiences of humans. Experiences which distort assumed reality. Concepts which stand at the edge of knowledge, they become an absurdity which tickles and insults reason. They dissolve boundaries.

I am nothing... I am infinite...

Absence of sensory stimuli. When you close your senses to the world around you. The feeling, the sensation arises. Then they vaporize and if you can hold on, you experience the void. The void releases everything, all emotions leave you like toxins. Nothing or Emptiness, pleasance or weightless suffocation. There is presence in absence of everything. Why does human articulate what cannot clearly be defined? Why does our language have words for them? We have words for them as clearly considered phenomenon like other tangible phenomenas. Tangible as the color red. As like as 'life' or 'love'. How much do we really understand these? Where do they stand as the human experience? They can merely be the result of our perception, interpretation or even confusion, or just a form of expression. Interestingly, we still don’t have a clue, what is the truth behind them. 'Infinity' and 'nothing', they seem the opposite sides of an extreme paradox. They seem different sides of duality. But this duality arises from miss-perception. They contain and involve each other. They have been subject of discussions and have triggered imagination since the beginning of philosophy. Their very existence and fundament is still a question. My works are visionary explorations through series of concepts and experiences, though some are seemingly of mundane and routine nature but actually they stand at the edge of sciences and philosophy. By digging into them, they have potential to destruct conventions of thought and understanding of reality. By this exploration, I suggest and open ways to examine the comprehension of alternative modes of perceiving information, being and prehension of consciousness. Expand definitions and boundaries of language and therefore our understanding. In order to reach this goal, I break conventional semantics and syntax of thought, perception and language, go beyond cultural and lingual model of reality. In the process of this exploration I combine analytical and poetic language and forms to achieve the main goal. How art makes all these topics more tangible and connects such topics to our feelings is within poetry and their poetic vision. Poetical sides of the works lean where they deal and dig into mental struggles and intense feelings and emotions. This is where cosmic philosophical subjects and small pure life come together, confusion, loss, curse, bless, absence and presence. The fact is that understanding of the world and how it works does not contribute to our daily life. The question of ‘why are we here?’ And ‘where does the universe come from?’, which have been with us from very beginning of civilization, language and rationality, does not contribute to individuals lives. But it has been an inseparable part of our psyche to constantly explore and ask such fundamental questions. These questions have been the everyday concern of philosophers, scientists, artists, and enthusiasts which has its effect on mass consciousness. In order to reach and bring on such questions we need growth in basic elements of our thought process, language. We have to push evolution of our language in particular ways to comprehend more complex and unambiguous concepts. However, whether we have achieved any answers or not, there have been very important evolutionary benefits for human to ask such questions. They have been the base for philosophy and improvements in science. We have brought results and sciences which have enhanced our lives, even though we never really reached the ultimate answer. The beneficiary aspect of asking these questions is to achieve information that we couldn’t possibly think of.

“Dissolution of boundary is somehow the precondition for understanding reality. And this is a paradox…”
– Terence McKenna

'Art expands definitions', art too has great potential to dissolve boundaries to broaden our imagination.

Build and presentation of my works will greatly depend on the space and context which the works will be placed in and some require specific setting. I would like to be able to assign my criteria to lighting and surroundings. I use variety of mediums from installations, happenings (performance), audio-visual, photography and plain text, in form of site-specific or independent works. It is important to emphasize that for me the photographic aspect of works is of great value. From each series or pieces of work I derive few photographic works as end result.