Afraz Entessari




Non-narrative audio-visual works are meditation between lives of individuals and cosmic dimensions. Our life does not have story (storyline). It is a false perception. It has same texture of illusion as the self has. Story of your life is created by your self’s mind. In such a vast cosmos, our small joys and suffering grows even larger than the whole existence, as we get to the point that 'I am everything', 'you are everything'. Audio has important role in the formation of the work as there is no imagery in some parts. Use and choice of sounds and images are symbolic. Silence and pause and blank screen is as important as the rest of the work. Clear or distorted syntactic, semantic and lingual relation between sounds and images are of great importance.

The Colors (blue, gold, red)

Japanese Dream

Purple Feather

Whispers of Receding Shadows

Whispers (Audio Base)